The 2nd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics, Security and Privacy

(BiDAS 2018)
May 08, 2018, Essaouira, Morocco

(Co-located with NETYS 2018)

Springer CCIS


Big Data systems are complex and heterogeneous, and their security must be fundamentally approached. Moreover, Big Data Systems lead to the integration of different technologies that introduce new security issues that must be properly addressed. In addition, the ongoing digitalization of the business world is putting companies and users at risk of cyberattacks more than ever before. Big data analysis has the potential to offer protection against these attacks. Therefore, the goal of the workshop is two-fold: First, it addresses security issues of big data systems while considering: the infrastructure security, the data privacy, the data management, and the integrity and reactive security. Second, the workshop will address the innovative techniques, metrics, and behavior analysis that can exploit big data analytics capabilities to address the cybersecurity challenges facing cyberspace resources and services.

Topics of interest of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure Security
    • Security for Hadoop clusters
    • Security for Big Data ecosystems
    • Architecture security
    • Availability
    • Authentication
    • Communication security
  • Data Privacy
    • Cryptography
    • Access control
    • Confidentiality
    • Privacy-preserving requests
    • Privacy in social networks
    • Anonymization
    • Differential privacy
  • Data Management
    • Security in collecting and storing data
    • Sharing algorithms
    • Policies, Laws, or Government
  • Integrity and Reactive Security
    • Integrity
    • Attack detection
    • Recovery from a disaster
  • Cyber intelligence and attack detection
  • Cyber intelligence and cyber situational awareness
  • Platforms for cybersecurity and defense
  • Big Data cybersecurity computational models
  • Cyber threats in social networks
  • Parallel/distributed Algorithms and techniques
  • Data Streaming and Real time analysis
  • Data acquisition for web mining/opinion mining/sentiment analysis
  • Machine learning for cyber threat and security
  • Log management
  • New-generation intrusion detection/prevention systems
  • Real-time monitoring of computer and network systems
  • Visualization for cyber intelligence and security/defense
  • Visualization for web mining/opinion mining/sentiment analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis and modeling

Submission Instructions

BiDAS 2018 seeks submissions from diverse communities, including academic and corporate researchers, open-source projects, standardization institutes, and application domain professionals and experts. Submissions should present results related to the workshop topics, including both practical and theoretical contributions.

Paper Format: Full papers should be at most 15 pages in the Springer’s LNCS template. Submissions that are not accepted as full papers may be invited to appear as short papers. Such papers are limited to at most 8 pages (in the same format).

Submissions are to be made via the Easy Chair submission web site at:

Publication: It is planned to publish the proceedings with Springer in their CCIS Series "Communications in Computer and Information Science series" (final approval pending).

Workshop Format: The workshop will include talks from accepted full papers, short papers, invited talks and panels.

Important dates


Workshop Co-chairs

Yahya Benkaouz FS, Mohammed V Univ., Morocco
Ahmed Khoumsi Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada

Program Committee

Anas Abou El Kalam Cadi Ayyad Univ., Morocco
Mohamed Alaggan Antidot, France
Ayoub Ait LahcenIbnToufail Univ., Morocco
Yahya BenkaouzFS, Mohammed V Univ., Morocco
Erik-Oliver Blass Airbus Group Innovations, USA
Nizar Bouguila CIISE, Concordia University, Canada
Antoine Boutet INRIA Lyon, France
Anis Charfi Carnegie Mellon Univ., Qatar
Fida Dankar United Arab Emirates University, UAE
Katerina DokaNational Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece 
Tom DinkelakerEricsson, Germany 
Josep Domingo-Ferrer Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Mohammed ErradiENSIAS, Mohammed V Univ., Morocco
Paolo GarzaPolitecnico di Torino, Italy
Rachid Guerraoui EPFL, Switzerland
Mohammed Jmaiel University of Sfax, Tunisia
Ahmed Khoumsi Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada
Ghita Mezzour IUR, Morocco
Charaf My El Hassan IbnToufail Univ., Morocco
Tarik Moataz Brown Univ., USA
Mohamed Mosbah LABRI, Univ. Bordeaux, France
Guevara Noubir Northeastern Univ., Boston, USA
Zeeshan Pervez Univ. of the West of Scotland, UK
Pierangela Samarati Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Mohammed Serhani United Arab Emirates University, UAE
Manuel A. Serrano Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha, Spain
Ali Shoker INESC TEC, Univ. do Minho, Portugal
Kurt Stockinger Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

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